Statement on Genbit 2.0 to be released soon! Check Discord for the most up to date news

The Lab

Well Rarebits has finished and Toby is finally able to draw creative breath. Only for a moment though as the Genbits project is back and it’s in full swing.

The start of exploring art and technology in an evolving space begins with research. We aim to post as many updates on our crazy progress and research as possible so you can follow along!

Three.js - The Ultimate Playground

The initial experiment into in browser 3D Genbit Bunnies

Rotating Genbit Bunnies

A little dev experiment using three.js for some rotating Genbits

The Road to Physicals

Bringing the virtual bunnies to life; the start of the journey printing Rarebits.

Rarebits Now Completely Sold Out

After hand illustrating literally hundreds of bunnies this dailies NFT project closes and sells out completely.