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What are Genbit Bunnies?

They are custom, single edition, generative NFT Rarebit Bunny illustrations. The creator of Rarebit Bunnies has designed over 150 individual pieces (layers) which, using a custom algorithm, are randomly sorted and placed to create a unique JPG image.

The algorithmic process will only allow a unique artwork to be produced. There are over 48,600,000 possibilities, but only 7,000 will ever be minted.

Each Genbit Bunny artwork has its own unique properties. There are 8 different variables, each with a scarcity rating including:

  • Background - 15 options
  • Bodies - 25 options
  • Heads - 20 options
  • Facial Features - 8 options
  • Eye Wear - 6 options
  • Head Gear - 9 options
  • Extras - 15 options

Note - Full charts of scarcity and variance will be available after launch.

Each Genbit Bunny is given a “Scarcity Score”. This is a score out of 100% and will determine how scarce the Bunnies' features are. The scores are broken down as follows:

Genbit parts

Genbit Bunnies will be classed as Uncommon, Rare, Super-rare and Legendary

Each Genbit Bunny NFT Includes

Each Genbit Bunny NFT will include:

  • 100% Unique traits
  • Standard ERC721 Token (GENBIT) so your NFT can be seen and traded on OpenSea immediately.
  • High Definition 3040px*3040px resolution (3K HD)
  • Downloadable print-ready A4 PDF file available immediately after minting (on only)
  • Downloadable 4K UHD Desktop Background file (on only)
  • Downloadable HD Mobile background file (on only)


The cost price of each Bunny will increase as more bunnies are minted, rewarding the early supporters and fans and helping to spread the word. We really want everyone to be able to purchase a bunny! An initial 50 Genbit bunnies are available through The Golden Easter Egg NFT and the remainder of the bunnies are available at the following tiers:

1 - 100 = Reserved for Golden Easter Egg Holders and prosperity.
101 - 500 = 0.05 ETH
501 - 2000 = 0.1 ETH
2001 - 5000 = 0.2 ETH
5001 - 6500 = 0.3 ETH
6501 - 6900 = 0.4 ETH
6901 - 7000 = 0.5 ETH

Please note, there is a gas charge with every transaction for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. This charge is standard, the same as minting on Rarible for example

How do I mint my Genbit Bunnies?

This will be completed on the website. It will be a very simple three step process (TBC):

Login to website with your Metamask wallet

Click the 'Generate Bunny' link at the top of the site. The current price will appear alongside the estimated gas fee. By clicking 'Generate' you will pay for the bunny and be directed to your 'My Bunnies' page.

Once your transaction is complete your bunny will appear in your 'My Bunnies' page and will be immediately available to view on OpenSea and Rarible.

Can I mint more than one Genbit Bunny at a time?

Yes, up to 10 bunnies can be minted at a time.

Is there a total limit to how many Bunnies I can mint?

Nope. Nada. None. Knock yourself out.

Do I have to own a Golden Easter Egg to buy a bunny?

Absolutely not! Genbit Bunnies will be available to all from the start.

Golden Easter Egg Holders

If you're the holder of a Rarebit Bunnies Golden Easter Egg at 12pm UTC Friday 1st April 2021 your wallet address will be part of our snapshot. You will then receive your early edition Genbit Bunny Airdropped to your wallet within 24hrs. The first 100 Genbits are reserved and guaranteed for Egg holders. You do NOT need to burn your NFT token. You do not need an Easter Egg NFT to purchase bunnies from the Genbit website.

How can I trade Genbit Bunnies?

Once minted you own your Genbit Bunnies within your wallet, and as they adhere to the ERC-721 standard are available to trade on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded on platforms such as OpenSea.

Where is the secondary market for Genbit Bunnies?

Currently your NFT will be available immediately for sale, swap and trade on OpenSea and

How long are Genbit bunnies available for?

Genbit bunnies are available for 10 days from minting opening. Beyond this date, minting of Genbit bunnies will be closed for good, though trading and sharing the collectibles is encouraged in the secondary market.

How long does minting take?

This will depend on how much gas you paid within Metamask and the market's volume. Normally your bunny should be minted within 5-15 minutes. The bunny will automatically appear in your 'My Bunnies' wallet.

Can I be gassed out / can I be beaten to a lower number edition?

Yes, technically, however this will only result in your issue number being out by the number of mints prior to you on the chain. Every single transaction is guaranteed a bunny.

How can I contact you?

We are most active on Discord, Twitter and Instagram, so please feel free to reach out if you have a question. We're very proud of the community we have and love to chat!

Will you be sharing the contract hash?

Yes this will be displayed on the site at launch and collection verified.

Who is behind the project?

Toby & Jarv - a designer (Rarebit Bunnies) and a developer joined forces to blend code and Photoshop illustration for the blockchain; and so Genbits was born. Both of us are highly active on our Discord server and Twitter.

Are Genbits linked to Rarebit Bunnies?

Yes - Genbits are created from Rarebit Bunnies. However Genbit Bunnies are a separate NFT Collection as they are assembled from hand-drawn parts rather than being 100% hand drawn, like Rarebits.

Will Rarebit Bunnies daily releases still continue?

Of course - they gave birth to Genbit Bunnies and are a welded part of us, at least until the year is up.


  • 28th March - Golden Easter Egg release
  • 30th March - Initial promotions and giveaway silver eggs are released
  • 2nd April 9PM UTC - Genbit Bunnies goes live - Minting opens (strictly limited to 7,000 only)
  • 12th April 9PM UTC - Minting closes. No further Genbit bunnies can be produced.
  • The Future - We're hoping that all bunny owners love their Genbits and Hodl onto them for as long as possible. We're also aware the land of crypto changes daily so who knows what the future holds. We have been researching: Polygon Network / AR deployment of bunny NFTs / AI Generation / Gamification of existing Rarebit and Genbit bunnies.

Example Genbit Bunnies

These are example Genbits created using our custom algorithm. These examples are not minted or official but show a super tiny selection of what you might get on release day...

Genbit Bunny ExampleGenbit Bunny ExampleGenbit Bunny ExampleGenbit Bunny Example

Still have questions?

No problem at all, simply join us on Discord and ask away - or tweet us @bunniesrarebit or email


I want to order multiple mints but the gas price doesnt go down / give me any saving?

We're unable to guarantee that multi-minting will save you GWEI (gas). Each bunny is a separate ERC token so will require gas for the blockchain to produce. That said the more bunnies you purchase the slightly cheaper gas should become. Please bare in mind that gas price changes throughout the day.

The generate bunny page just shows question marks (?) for price

To workout this calculation we need to connect to your Metamask wallet. Click connect in the top right hand side of the website.

The website won't display correctly / I think I've found a bug

We've tried our best to ensure the site is bug free and tested across all modern browsers. It's best used in Firefox and Chrome. If you do find a bug or problem you can report it by emailing us on or reaching out on Discord.

My XYZ wallet won't connect

The only NFT wallet we currently support is Meta-mask. We will be looking to add additional wallet support at a later date after launch.

My Bunnies page is blank

Firstly please try and refresh the page. If you've just minted your first bunny this can take a few minutes to drop into your wallet. If you have more than 100 bunnies please be patient as they can sometimes take awhile.

There is an error in my bunny downloadable / NFT

While we spent literally days looking at all the variables, testing and re-testing, there are over 49,000,000 possible combinations. If you have a glitch or error on one of your downloads please reach out to us on Discord and we'll try our best to help you.