Statement on Genbit 2.0 to be released soon! Check Discord for the most up to date news

Big changes happening, statement to be released soon! Check Discord for the most up to date news


Elevator Version

Rewarding Genbit & Rarebit NFT holders with 3D interactive NFTs that live in a 3D space with the ability to print 3D physical versions. The NFTs change depending on conditions and its all in your browser, the physicals are limited 1/1's.

Our Vision (Short)

The future of NFTs is interactive and dynamic. A place where input from a collector can change the design, utility and purpose of an NFT.

The future of Genbits is bringing them to life in all their glory (and naughty little ways). Ideally in 3D, in browser.

In future your Genbits' form will change over time:

  • Emotions - Bunnies expressions change based on how they're feeling
  • Health - If you fail to look after your Bunny NFT if may die! (Auto-burn increases pool value. Exact mechanic to be confirmed with the community.)
  • Seasons - The warren can be cold in the winter - wrap up

The link from metaverse to physical verse will be realised via a production run of 1/1 custom 3D prints which link directly to NFTs via custom engraving (AR integration that links to each Genbit, this tech is already live and should be relatively easy to integrate).

Roadmap (Short)

10% Sold

700 bunnies are sold

The Lab opens - Showcase blog to share updates and progress

25% Sold

1750 bunnies are sold

The Warren opens - 3D virtual reality gallery in your browser which will also be your future NFT interactive bunny's home.

50% Sold

3500 bunnies are sold

Airdrop of “Mama Bun's Special Moonshine” to all Rarebit & Bunny holders. Mama's special moonshine has been known to produce rare and unusual traits when minting.

75% Sold

5250 bunnies are sold

BunnyBot Arrives - Bunny holders are now able to explore and interact with their warrens. The bunnies' homes come alive!

100% Sold

7000 bunnies are sold

Genbit 2.0 Minting opens - Welcome to generative interactive and dynamic 3D bunnies you can control, move, play and pose with. Additionally all bunny holders will be able to purchase 3D printed physicals of their Genbit 2.0s. And we'll also raffle off an actual Lambo to a bunny holder.

Our Vision (Full)

What if the value and fun of your nft was inherently linked to how you treat it?

What if you didn't view your bunny's artwork in a while and it's expression changed? What if you didn't “feed” it and the token was automatically burnt completely? What if moving your phone created token liquidity?

The future of NFTs lies in interactivity; where the input from a user can change design, utility and purpose.

We want to send the Genbits on a journey, created by us and guided by the community. We want to bring them to life! Not just boring 3D renders but fully interactable, with their own traits and character, existing in their own 3D warrens.

It's important to be able to show off your much loved Genbits in a space that you, friends and family can easily access via a link. Everything would work in-browser, in a 3D space.

The final goal is to launch Genbit 2.0 minting enabling the bun-o-matic to produce custom 3D, metaverse (correctly called the bunnyverse) ready Genbits who will live in their own 3D warrens. Task/care and associated factors can effect the quality, look and value of the Genbit NFT among many other super cool things.

We're not forgetting our roots of being collectable little bunnies so will be rewarding our community with physically printed 3D bunnies which will be 1/1 and tied to their Genbit 2.0 NFT. (PS - we're also giving away a lambo, because why the fuck not, this is NFT land and we need to have fun!)

Of course, everything will be on-chain (where possible) and transparent.

It's important to be able to show off your much loved Genbits (and Rarebits) in a space that you, friends and family can easily access via a link. So part of our roadmap will be creating Warrens ahead of the Genbits2.0 which will serve as gallery spaces (in 3D of course!) for owners to showcase their top bunnies.

Our vision is an non-serious, helpful community who want to have fun and be on the forefront of new technologies. We don't take ourselves seriously

For now, we're concentrating on a 3D approach in Three.js which will work in your browser on both desktop and mobiles. This is a roadmap we're serious about, and, (as you can see here) we're having fun already and R&D is rollin'.

We're still early. We all know that, we don't know exactly where we are headed yet but we do believe that lies in malleable and engaging NFTs driven by community engagement.

For these reasons our roadmap will be dynamic and guided by constant feedback from our community.

To confront the elephant in the room; the Genbit Bunnies contract is built on the dreaded bonding curve - (we can hear you cringing from here) but back in the bleak winter of 2021 the bonding curve was a hot new thing and the way forwards for several of the pixel art era projects. Sadly as the contract is hard-coded into the ETH blockchain we cannot amend this.

Roadmap (Full)

Genbits was originally a 10-day only generative art experiment which closed at the start of April 2021. After requests from the community the project has been re-opened and we're now looking forwards;

10% Sold

700 bunnies are sold

The Lab opens - Showcase blog
R&D on the Bunny's future begins. Community Inspired, with a focus on interactive NFTs within an artistic environment. How will future NFTs change and mould over time? Well it's important we're transparent in showing our progress and research.

20% Sold

1400 bunnies are sold

Animated Mobile Backgrounds
Pesky naughty bunnies escape onto animated mobile backgrounds and possibly smart watches if we're nice like this). It's all about the bunny flex!

25% Sold

1750 bunnies are sold

The Warren Opens
A 3D gallery space for all your bunnies which will also be their future home. Bore your grandma to death showing her endless bunnies in a virtual gallery space (soon to be your bunny's home). This will be a virtual reality space that you can navigate round and see your NFTs.

40% Sold

2800 bunnies are sold

Special Edition 3D Bunny NFT Air-Drop
An air-drop to the top 20 discord users and top 15 Rarebit Bunny holders of a special, one off 3D Bunny NFT. You've never seen a bunny like this before!

Projection mapping of famous London or NYC landmark
So we've all seen the images of Times Square with punks on the screens. Its cool but it's not buildings falling apart and crazy shit happening cool - we would use projection mapping to bring a building to life and create a narrative around the installation.

50% Sold

3500 bunnies are sold

Mama Bun's Special Moonshine Tent Opens
An air-drop to all Rarebit & Bunny holders (via snapshot at this point). Mama's special moonshine has been known to produce rare and unusual traits when minting future genbits. Once drunk it can't be used again (Auto-burn).

75% Sold

5250 bunnies are sold

The Bunnybot Gets Loose (Beta Testing)
A preview of what's to come. BunnyBot will be the first BETA experience of the bunnyverse and act exactly like a Genbit 2.0 in Beta phase - love and look after BunnyBot or things could get dire for your NFT!

We Get Bunny Tattoos
At this point, Bunnies will have completely transformed our lives and it's only fair that we get our first tattoos; bunny tattoos. (Toby & Jarv)

80% Sold

5600 bunnies are sold

25 ETH Charity donation to Rabbit Welfare UK
This will be done in person and live streamed. We will present several animal related charities (UK) for our community to choose from.

83% Sold

5810 bunnies are sold

A live stream of Toby & Simon running through London wearing just a mankini and some bunny ears celebrating! (And also Kirk in Bali).

90% Sold

6300 bunnies are sold

Doing Naughty Things IRL - Trip to The Boozer
Everyone gets an invite to our local boozer (yes really) and comes away with a hangover and a physical. You must dress as a bunny or wear bunny ears for entry. This is not a yacht club, this is a pub. We will run a discord competition to fly ten community members to the meet and pay for hotels!

Merch Becomes Available
and not cheap mass produced shit...

100% Sold

7000 bunnies are sold

GENBITS 2.0 Minting Opens
Genbits 2.0 is finally here - if you own a Rarebit or Genbit 1.0 you will be able to mint the world's first interactive, dynamic bunny NFTs ready for the bunnyverse! They will appear in your warrens and need attention straight away! (Do not feed too much whiskey!)

Physicals are dropped
We will distribute a limited number of exact 1/1 3D printed bunnies that exactly match the owners Genbit2.0. Physicals will have the corresponding NFT token's hash engraved to the base so will be forever linked to the original piece. The .STL print file will be given away free to everyone to use so that everyone, everywhere will be able to get a physical bunny.

We Giveaway A Lambo
A lambo is given away to a bunny owner via holder wallet raffle. (If you think that Lambo isn't coming sticker-bombed in bunnies, you would be wrong).*

Future Areas to Explore

  • Breeding - The Genbits evolve based on the food/water/fun supplies an owner has or has not given their genbit.
  • Collaborations - Toby created many during the Rarebits season so lets bring the fun!
  • Programmatically created AI buns - Using combinations of StyleGans and machine learning to take generative art to places it's not gone before.
  • IRL meet ups, food, drinks and laughs - no conferences, a giant social gathering of friends with a similar set of interests.
  • Dynamic, WiFI enabled, digital photo frames that change/morph/hold your bunny.
  • Not just bus stop ads - full on projection mapped sick stuff.
  • YOUR IDEAS?! - No really. We want to hear from the community; if everyone wants it and we can build it, LFG!

A Warning

Rarebits and Genbits have always been very naughty buns! The bunnies are well known for their love of drink, drugs, rock and roll.

While we hope Bunny owners will treat their bunnies well, some traits and attributes will lead to somewhat naughty behaviour.

Transparency Policy

So we've all seen some slightly nefarious happenings in the space. There's been rug pulls, artwork theft, ponzis. It's also extremely hard for any new creative to learn in the space. It's even harder for investors to see behind the veiled curtain of generative art creation; the process and coding pain behind it.

We plan for full transparency on our plans. Founders are active in discord daily, process videos and explanations will be shared regularly so you can see the roadmap progressing. We love the bunnies, they are now part of us and we want to help other projects follow in the Rarebits and Genbits success and join the journey with us.

Obviously we can't post tutorials for every single part and we're not sharing wallet private keys but we're web-cams on and happy to meet in the pub for a chat (or bar in NYC if we get there). We'll be showing demo videos, screenshots and generally sharing as much as we can. We're here for the community to grow for the next decade, not a quick few dollars next week! LFG!

Community Voting

This will be implement as stages (happy to be advised on better alternatives)

  • < 40% sold - Discord Voting Polls.
  • 40-90% sold - Voting system implemented through website (one vote per bunny held).
  • > 90% sold - Community voting on possible DAOs or similar objectives to franchise bunnies all over the world.