Statement on Genbit 2.0 to be released soon! Check Discord for the most up to date news


Genbits was created by Toby and Simon, two friends from Kent, UK.

Toby, (the artist), created the sold-out Rarebits NFT challenge of 365 daily bunny drawings. Part of this challenge was a 10 day experiment into generative artworks know as Genbit Bunnies, the Gen standing for generative. Simon, (the developer) joined at this point to help code the bunnies' future.

Wanting to be the first project to push the boundaries of generative art, which, until that point had been only pixel art, we opted for full HD images using hand drawn elements.

Backgrounds: Toby has over 20yrs experience as a creative director working for some household brands like those amazon chaps. Simon has over 15yrs experience building websites and web applications. Ranging from e-commerce to mortgage systems to animated infographics for the likes of Dell and Microsoft. Both are super geeks. Simon keeps rabbits, Toby rescues wild ones. Working together for many years they've launched several 3D experiences and are currently working on a VR experience for a large well known cable provider brand. They also once combined 20 mobile handsets into a playable real piano!

As of August 2021 the awesome animator behind the bun-o-matic and several award winning music videos Simon D joins us.

What we are doing right now

  • Add layers of transparency to the process behind the bunnies direction, creation and artistic process.
  • Adding Rarebit Bunnies to the Genbit Bunnies site to allow Print/PDF/Mobile/Desktop/PFP output.
  • Update website - improve content, add moreeeeee animation etc.
  • Increase discord community and drive engagement on other socials to bring the Warren to life.
  • Releasing a simple but addictive 2D bunny, in-browser game.